Jennifer Paskow is an award winning singer-songwriter committed to using music to up-lift, heal and empower people of all ages. She has combined this with her playful spirit to create joyful music and classes for kids and their families.

Jennifer’s music and yoga classes empower children to feel happy, strong and confident. It is her mission to inspire her audience/students to look within to find their intrinsic value and to love and accept themselves and others.

In addition to teaching private classes, Jennifer teaches classes in Los Angeles at Books and Cookies, Topanga Community School and Barefoot Atelier and The Crestwood Hills Cooperative Nursery School, She has taught at Zooga Yoga, Ra Ma Institute, Palisades Jewish Early Childhood Center, St. Joseph Early Learning Center and has taught at Palisades Elementary School, Melrose Elementary and The Sanctuary Birth Center. 

To book a private class or a birthday party, please contact Jennifer via email or visit the Booking page...