Ra Ma Records Volume 2

Volume 2 features the Go Go’s mantra all-girl band Go Gobinday! and 7 other tracks that have been carefully designed to blow your ears into the next dimension! From mantras to heal familial karmas put to an all girl Ramone’s vibe to Yogi Bhajan poems repurposed into catchy pop songs, Volume 2 music is a departure from the traditional Kundalini mantra recordings.

The Gilded Lilies Volume One

Jennifer's side project with singer-songwriter Joanna de Seyne. Sweet and catchy timeless pop music that wakes you up and gets you all excited for the day. Imagine a world where Ricky Lee Jones and Aimee Mann are hanging around the piano with the Beatles on a sunny day. Now mix in some unforgettable classic pop hooks to get your toes tapping and your head bobbing. Add a dash of optimism and catchy lyrics to make you feel like you can take on the world. Introducing... The Gilded Lilies.

Somewhere to Rest My Head

Jennifer's debut CD - A collection of honest, emotionally raw and vibrant folk pop songs coupled with Jennifer's breathy, ethereal voice. Recorded in Brooklyn, NY, Somewhere to Rest My Head, is a collection of emotionally raw and vibrant songs, a soulful, honest account of her journey of self-discovery and search for a physical and spiritual place to call home. The album has the feel of a musical diary, as the listener is given a sense of shared privacy. Though Jennifer's music can fit into the folk rock/pop vain, her vocal style is heavily influenced by the emotional expressiveness of the great jazz singers, such as Billie Holiday, Carmen McRae, and Abbey Lincoln. The intimacy with which she articulates each line and the haunting quality of her voice fills her songs with a depth that makes one feel as if they're right there in the same room.