In the world of early childhood education Jennifer is rare and precious find; her music has a deeper, spiritual message for children about loving themselves, others and our earth while engaging them with her gorgeous voice and musical gifts, but also with puppets and instruments to play. The children continue singing her songs throughout the week during their play and parents have requested the lyrics so they can sing along at home. Jennifer’s music has awakened something in the children I was unaware of until she began her music program with us. Watching their growth through dancing and singing and making music together makes me realize how much we were all missing out until she came into our lives.
— Summer Scott Sexton, Topanga Community Preschool
My daughter Madeleine and I have been blessed by Jennifer’s joyful, conscious and healing approach to her music. Jennifer truly has a gift. We are so grateful to have these songs to sing, dance and grow up to.
— Lisa Behrman, Topanga, CA
Music with Jennifer is one of our family’s most beloved activities! Watching my daughter grow up with these sweet, meaningful songs, learning to love music and meditation, and build a community of friends through music is a blessing in our lives that we are grateful for every day!
— Paula Merritt Mallis, Venice, CA
Jennifer’s music has touched our lives. At 7 months, It was my daughter’s first live music experience. My daughter practically climbed on Jennifer’s lap for the whole class and wanted to eat her guitar... Jennifer lovingly acknowledged her and played on... It says a lot about how Jennifer is with her little audience. And when Jennifer sings they listen. She tunes into the energy in the room and authentically beams her youthful soul through her beautiful loving ‘spirit hugging’ voice and songs. Her music is universal and unites mothers and children. I truly love the songs as much as my daughter does. Her music will forever be embedded into my daughter’s childhood and my motherhood.
— Jasna Harris, Melbourne, Australia