weaving connections through song

When you hear Jennifer Paskow’s rich, honey-like vocals and her honest, uplifting, hypnotic melodies, you feel like you’ve been dipped in a warm, soothing bath. You simultaneously wonder why you have not heard her before and when can you hear her again.

Jennifer is reminiscent in both looks and sound of singer-songwriters from the 60s and 70s. Her earthy tones and tunes create a penetrating intimacy—you find yourself suddenly wanting to know more about her. 

There is a deep soulfulness to Jennifer’s songs. She writes and sings from a place of truth, from her heart. She says: “I write songs almost unconsciously. It’s hard to describe, but the songs almost write themselves. As a result, I learn a lot about myself when I listen to what has just come out of me.” 

Jennifer’s music is more than a sound; it is an experience you won’t forget. The moment her voice overcame the room my eyes filled with tears and my heart opened. Her lyrics reflect a journey from the darkest to the lightest sides of life. She goes deep into the roots of a common humanity.

Jennifer believes that a change in one individual can change the world. Sometimes just one line of a song can give someone the hope they need to transform their life, or get through a challenge they are facing. Jennifer believes in the power of music to change lives and create a better world. And after listening to her buttery, soulful voice, you just might agree.

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